Block Captains (aka block representatives) are a key component of the WHNA. They are the direct line of communication between neighborhood residents and WHNA. One resident from each block within WHNA’s boundaries volunteers to act as representative for their respective block. Being a block representative is fun and easy. They attend nine monthly meetings per year, distribute newsletters and flyers, and welcome new neighbors to their block. If you live on one of the blocks listed below that does not currently have a representative, and would like to volunteer to be your block’s representative, please send us a note using the How Can We Help messenger in the panel to the left of this section.


5800 Greenleaf          Joan Ewing                        

6000 Greenleaf          VACANT

6200 Greenleaf          Susan Engelhart

6300 Greenleaf          VACANT (Judy Jansen acting)


5800 Bright                Kathy Goldman              

6000 Bright                Debra Canham               

6200 Bright                Pat O'Toole           

6300 Bright                Rosie Seelt                     


5800 Washington     Julie Lontok

6000 Washington     Karen Bennett              

6200 Washington     Shelia Kerz         

6300 Washington      Candi Nash           


5800 Friends             Raquel Preciado

6000 Friends             Victoria Lopez              

6200 Friends             Molly Mendoza           

6300 Friends             VACANT


5800 Painter             VACANT

6000 Painter             Monique Turnbull      

6200 Painter             Sylvia Martinez               

6300 Painter              Drew Pryor                 


Central Park Area     Richard Todd        


this list is dated March, 2016